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Implications and Recommendations from the White Paper “A Breakthrough in Additive Manufacturing: How to Lead to Scale and Overcome Key Challenges”

[ad_1] In January 2022, the World Economic Forum, together with ETH Zurich and the Fraunhofer Society, released a white paper titled “Major Breakthroughs in Additive Manufacturing: How to Guide Scale and Overcome…

White House Additive Manufacturing Advance Program A Closer Look – As Sintavia’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Underway

[ad_1] President Biden officially unveiled AM Forward in Cincinnati on May 6, which will increase the competitiveness of small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers, create and maintain high-paying manufacturing jobs, and increase Supply…

Researchers develop new 3D printing process algorithm to curb coral reef destruction

[ad_1] China3D printingResearchers from four of Israel’s top universities have developed a novel 3D printingcraftsmanship that can help protect globally important coral reefs. combine3D scanningenvironmental DNA sampling and 3D printing algorithms, the…